The Lost Art

It’s 4.45 am, the alarm starts, the automatic coffee maker turns on, my watch reminds me it’s time to exercise… seem familiar? It’s just the morning sounds of how automation has become a part of our everyday lives. I shift over to my smartphone which has all my emails sorted and prioritized, Alexa tells me my schedule for the day and Amazon notifies me they auto-shipped another order of products – all as I shave and dress. These are just a few examples of how technology has made the start of my day more productive.

Both at work and in our personal lives, we’ve become so reliant on technology that we don’t even think about it. Unfortunately, the same is true in recruiting where like the rest of the world, we rely on automation to create results, improve productivity and simplify tasks.

One of the concerns in the recruiting industry is the use of technology as a replacement for human interaction, but this idea is fundamentally against everything we know about recruiting. We know that recruiting has always been and always will be a relationship-oriented, high-touch business, which means a computer will never be able to replicate all that a recruiter does.

There is no substitute for human engagement! A great recruiter will leverage technology in identifying the network, however it’s back to basics and live conversations (with humans) that will help gain understanding and build relationships – the kind of relationships that you have for years in an industry. A great recruiter will work with people throughout their career and identify the right opportunities based on their changing goals and unique situations.

Ask yourself these questions to see just how automated you want to be:

  • Would I be willing to “automate” my career and my career search, without speaking to a recruiter?
  • Have I identified recruiters that specialize in my field that can help me navigate my next career move?
  • Or if you are a hiring manager, would you allow a “computer” to decide your next hire possibly without the candidate ever having spoken to anyone in your organization?
  • It’s time to engage and rediscover the art of recruiting, and find out what it means to be a human supported by automation, not run by it.

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