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Payrolling Services

Payroll Processing Service is a natural extension of the Matrix mission to provide our clients with the highest quality resources, competitively priced, while taking advantage of some of the “Key Attributes” of our success – the highest accounting standards and our excellent history. The simple truth is, at Matrix each transaction must be a good deal for both the client and the consultant to be successful and we make that simple and true through our Payroll Processing Services.

It is not uncommon, in today’s highly networked environment, for clients to identify candidates through their own resources. However, such resourcing can pose legal/classification complications for the client company and instability issues for the contractor. Matrix can not only eliminate those concerns, but also offer substantial cost savings to those clients utilizing our services and offer considerable benefits to the consultants as well.

Staffing vendors customarily mark-up a placement at a considerable percentage to cover the cost of doing and completing that business. Where Payroll Processing Services are concerned, it is possible for Matrix to reduce the mark up considerably to cover only the cost of payroll. The consultant is also benefiting from Matrix Payroll Processing Services through a offering of selected benefits (Dental, 401k, Life Insurance, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, etc.) offered them through Matrix, otherwise unavailable through other corporations.

The following services are encompassed in Hired by Matrix, Inc.’s Payroll Processing Services:

  • Payroll, including taxes, record keeping and auditing services,
  • Invoicing, customized to each client,
  • Insurance, including Workers Compensation, Liability, Disability E&O, etc.,
  • Consultant On-boarding customized to each client, often including screening, testing, human resource policies, orientation, training, and more,
  • Consultant relations
  • Individualized treatment.

Matrix realized this niche years ago and began to offer our clients and these consultants stability, cost savings, peace of mind, and integrity while maintaining the ease of doing business because of the natural extension of a long standing business. We continue to receive kudos for impeccable service to both our clients and consultants for value-added service, cost benefit, standards, audit ability and most-of-all, ease of doing business with the Matrix Payroll Processing Services.