Core Values


What We Value

Core Values Open Communication

Open Communication – Open, honest, and clear communication builds trust, the foundation on which strong and mutually beneficial relationships are built. We always act with integrity, compassion and loyalty and are good listeners. We care about our customers, our candidates, our co-workers and our community. We share what we know and encourage all around us to do the same.

Core Values Accountability Trust

Accountability & TrustOur goals are clear so we each know what we need to do to win. We make personal commitments, and we support each other in meeting and exceeding our commitments. We challenge each other with the expectation that we will rise to the occasion. We are trusted and empowered.

Core Values Adaptability InnovationAdaptability & Innovation – We work to make things better every day and we embrace and drive change. We value creativity that produces new ideas and develops alternative approaches to meeting customers’ needs. We are always engaged in process improvement and maintain an open mind to new ideas and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us.

Core Values Personal Professional GrowthLearning & Development – Our employees stretch themselves both personally and professionally. Inside each of us is more potential than we realize. We work to constantly unlock potential in ourselves as well as in each other. We are constant learners taking each challenge as it comes, improving how we work and providing ever better solutions for our customers. We direct our own destiny.

Core Values Ethics RespectEthics & Respect – We are committed to doing the right thing and to making good choices. We are courteous and thoughtful and treat our co-workers, our candidates, our customers and our business partners with respect and fairness. We celebrate our successes, but not in an arrogant or boastful way. We operate with a quiet confidence and let our actions and character speak for us.

Core Values Passion ResultsPassion & Results – We put our hearts into what we do each and every day because we believe in what we do and in the value we add to the lives of our customers, our candidates, our co-workers, and our community. Our sights are set on our goals and we are determined to succeed in our endeavors because we care about the outcome. We are determined and resilient and we act with a sense of urgency in all we set out to do.

Core Values TeamworkTeamwork – We value collaboration and we believe that good decisions, which are the result of good planning, are best made cooperatively. We partner with our teammates to identify best solutions, working together with both co-workers and customers. As constant learners, we grow our value to our customers by sharing what we’ve learned.

Core Values Humor FunHumor & Fun – Our work can be intense and having fun helps us keep it in perspective. Without fun, life is boring, so we do all we can to have fun at work. We regularly have group fun at lunches, after work activities and in our charitable giving. These times afford us the opportunity to see ourselves and each other differently, to relax together, to laugh and to inspire smiles.