Pharmacy Tech Skills Checklist

Personal Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Proficiency Scale

1 – No Experience
2 – Need Training
3 – Able to perform with supervision
4 – Able to perform independently

Communication Skills

Organize written and oral communication in a logical manner
Question other health care professionals to collect pertinent patient information
Communicate appropriately with the level of understanding of one's audience
Use good listening skills in all aspects of job
Interested in improving self and asks questions

Patient Interaction / Staff Relations Skills

Greets patient and introduces self
Puts others at ease
Interview patient or caregiver to collect pertinent patient information
Use different strategies for communicating with non-English speakers or patients who are impaired i.e. deaf, cognitively impaired, etc.
Exhibit empathy and compassion
Cooperation / Diplomacy and Tact with Staff
Emotional Maturity to Function Under Stress
Appropriate Conversation with Staff/Patients
Use of Correct Terminology
Sensitivity to Patient Comfort

Personal Characteristics

Problem solve in the workplace to better a situation i.e. coworker conflict, workflow mechanics, etc.
Adaptable to change; industrious
Ability to learn and retain information
Sufficient speed in completing tasks
Ability to adapt to new procedures
Displays initiative
Demonstrate ethical behavior with emphasis on confidentiality, realization of professional liability, and importance of following protocol
Maintain emotional stability to withstand the stresses, uncertainties, and changing circumstances that characterize patient/client care responsibilities
Accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member
Understands that each facility has some procedures that may differ from others and easily adapts to yours
Arrives for shift on time / punctual
Undertaking of appropriate & additional duties
Maintains impeccable personal hygiene & professional personal appearance
Anticipates Doctor’s / Co-worker needs
Neatness in accomplishing work

Essential Job Functions

Collect pertinent patient information for use by the pharmacist from the chart or patient profile with efficiency and accuracy
Be able to locate specific information from a medical record, profile, or electronic medical device
Understand what is needed by the pharmacist to efficiently and accurately manage pharmacy services
Demonstrate proficiency with word processing and database software
Be able to use the internet, e-mail and computerized medication information databases
Follow an established procedure for purchasing and pharmaceuticals, devices and supplies
Understand, observe, and comply with State/Federal laws at practice site
Be able to compound a sterile and non-sterile product
Prepare an IV admixture
Observe or prepare a T.P.N. order
Suggest alternative avenues for procuring a product which is unavailable
Understand alternative avenues for pricing and products available
Know proper storage conditions for pharmaceutical items
Know how to return expired, damaged or recalled pharmaceuticals
Understand how to deter theft and/or medication diversion
Inventory and maintain records for controlled substances
Screen medication orders/prescriptions for completeness
Create new patient profile
Enter information accurately into computer to obtain label and MAR
Accurately prepare medication order/prescription
Know how to dispose of hazardous materials/waste
Know how to prepare and label repackaged products
Process reimbursement claim forms
Sterilize a laminar or horizontal air flow hood
Efficiently deliver the correct medication to the correct patient/representative
Know the Pertinent policies and procedures for distribution of medications/controlled substances
Know the facets of patient consultation a technician can/can’t perform
Know how to handle 3rd party rejection claims
Understand how to prevent and report medication errors
Be able to work a cash register
Reconstitute a granular antibiotic into suspension form
Know how to prepare, store and distribute investigational drug products
Know how to obtain technician licensure and certification
Determine patient eligibility and co-pay
Calibrate a device

Age Specific Competencies

Infant (Birth - 1 year)
Preschooler (ages 2-5 years)
Childhood (ages 6-12 years)
Adolescents (ages 13-21 years)
Young Adults (ages 22-39 years)
Adults (ages 40-64 years)
Older Adults (ages 65-79 years)
Elderly (ages 80+ years)


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