Phlebotomy Competency Skills Checklist

Personal Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Proficiency Scale

1 – No Experience
2 – Need Training
3 – Able to perform with supervision
4 – Able to perform independently


Introduces self to patient and explains blood tests have been ordered by physician.
Identifies the patient with two unique identifiers (armband, ask for name & DOB). Compare patient ID information with barcode label.
Checks testing requirements (ie fasting).
Prepares supplies and tube selection.
Washes hand, dons gloves.

Getting Started

Positions Patient and applies tourniquet.
Palpates antecubital area to select venipuncture site.
Properly cleanses venipuncture site.

Sample Collection

Stablizes vein.
Inserts needle, bevel up.
Smoothly pushes tube(s) into holder without changing needle position.
Adjusts needle, if necessary, to obtain flow then stablizes vacutainer.
Releases tourniquet as blood begins to flow.
Changes vacutubes without changing needle position.
Fills vacutubes in correct order.
Mixes anticoagulated vacutubes properly.
Removes last tube from needle before withdrawing needle.
Withdraws needle from arm smoothly.
Applies pressure to site after withdrawing needle.
Disposes of needle properly and safely, Discards tourniquet.

Handling & Processing

Labels tubes immediately (ie at bedside).
Legibly completes label/requisition with username and date/time of collection.
Observe special handling requirements.
Checks puncture site to ascertain bleeding has stopped. Applies bandage.
Places tubes into biohazard bag. Label(s)/requisiton are placed in sleeve of bag.
Removes gloves and practice hand hygiene.
Transport specimens to lab via porter or pneumatic tube system. STATs are sent immediately.

Age Specific Competencies

Infant (Birth - 1 year)
Preschooler (ages 2-5 years)
Childhood (ages 6-12 years)
Adolescents (ages 13-21 years)
Young Adults (ages 22-39 years)
Adults (ages 40-64 years)
Older Adults (ages 65-79 years)
Elderly (ages 80+ years)


Resource location – Lab Test information Guide.
Resource location Expiration Date
Blood Ethanol Collection – cleanse site with soap and water.
Blood Ethanol Collection Expiration Date
Blood Culture Collection Review.
Blood Culture Collection Review Expiration Date


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