Interview Questions To Get Candidates Excited & Engaged

Interviews are a two-way street. You want to find the right candidate for the job. However, you also want to engage the candidate and get them excited about working for your company. Especially, if you think they are the perfect fit. One good way to engage a candidate is to ask them some thought-provoking, non-work […]

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How to Attract Top Talent

The current job market is fiercely competitive. There are more jobs than people to fill them and exceptional candidates are being snatched up in an instant. Here are four useful strategies for how you can attract top talent for your business edging out the competition. Speed Up Your Hiring Process Speed is becoming an essential […]

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What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job

You didn’t get the job you wanted. It’s frustrating, upsetting and confidence shaking. Before you throw yourself a pity party, here are some things to think about and do to keep yourself on track. Realize Some Things are Out of Your Control You never know what is going on inside the company. Maybe they decided […]

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