How to Ace Your Phone Interview

These days, every job interview process begins with a phone interview. Let’s face it, they can be awkward. It can be hard to have a solid, smart conversation with someone over the phone who you’ve never met before and can’t see their facial expressions to know if you’re hitting it out of the park or […]

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Don’t Be Scared to Speak Up in the Office

Although speaking up in the office can feel scary, expressing your opinions can be very beneficial. Consider these benefits: Shows You’re Engaged There is no better way to show you’re enthusiastic about your job and working hard than by talking about what you’re doing, sharing your thoughts and offering ideas. Leaders take notice of people who are active […]

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Leader vs. Boss: What Makes the Difference

Many people think of a boss and a leader as being the same. However, they are very different. It takes more than just having people report to you to earn the title “leader.” A leader is someone people want to follow not just someone to meet with weekly for status updates.

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