How to Avoid Being “Ghosted” by Potential Hires

James “Ghost” St. Patrick, the main character in the tv show Power, has a point when dealing with situations you can’t control. However, when it comes to hiring this is the worst frame of mind to have. If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, you’ve probably gotten “ghosted” by candidates. They suddenly stop all communication with you. It’s […]

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When to Let a Candidate Go

In the staffing industry, Recruiters and Account Managers often have a different perspective on a candidate’s commitment to a given open job they are trying to fill.  Understandably the Recruiter who has a lot of time invested with a candidate will be sympathetic to their candidate’s desires, requests and schedules.  Account Managers tend to be […]

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Attracting Top Tech Talent

You hear it all the time in staffing, unemployment for skilled technology workers is at an all-time low, with some markets seeing as low as 1% unemployment. These days, candidates with an impressive array of technology skills have more options than ever and can afford to be picky with the jobs they choose.

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