How to Crush Your Closeup

Video interviews are becoming the norm in the job interview process. Not 100% sure how to do a great video interview? Have no fear. Our Recruiters have you covered with tips that will make your video interview worthy of an Oscar. So get your acceptance speech ready.

 Caitie’s Tips

• Dress as if you are going onsite for the interview. You feel better and act more confident when you are put together.
• Remove distractions from the background. Have a clean wall behind you and sit at a clean desk or table. You want the client focusing on you and not the décor in the room.
• Most video interviews are done with Skype or Zoom. There are free versions you can download, so ask a family member or friend to sign up so you can do a test run with them.
• Record a test interview. Replay it to see if the sound comes through properly, if you are in focus, etc. Then you can replicate it for the real interview.

 MJ’s Tips

• Smile, speak slowly and clear.
• Practice speaking in front of a mirror so you can see how you look.

 Dan’s Tips

• Set up ahead of time so you are ready to go. Make sure your microphone is on and headset prepared if you are using one.
• Limit your hand gestures because they can “stutter” on your computer screen.

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