Attracting Top Tech Talent

You hear it all the time in staffing, unemployment for skilled technology workers is at an all-time low, with some markets seeing as low as 1% unemployment. These days, candidates with an impressive array of technology skills have more options than ever and can afford to be picky with the jobs they choose.

What can you do to attract top tech talent?

First off, you need to keep candidates engaged during the entire hiring process. We always tell our clients to set up an interview and hiring time line that can be shared with candidates. Candidates who have an expectation of timelines are more likely to remain engaged throughout the process and are much more likely to stay engaged, take the job and quickly become contributors to the team.

You also need to do your research ahead of time. Proactive market Intel has never been so important. In a candidate driven market it remains crucial for you to be fully informed prior to putting a role out.

We always work with our clients to help them understand the market for talent in the needed or desired areas. Candidates are always more excited about working for a company that understands the current landscape and can confidently speak to it.

For example, more and more of our clients are asking us to help them with supplemental resources to help in migrations from legacy applications and systems to more modern cloud architectures and environments. This typically results in roles that are hybrid in their tech stack and require consultants with legacy technologies along with more recent cloud-based experience. We work with our clients to set an expectation of what the market is bearing from a resource and dollars perspective. With this information in hand, hiring managers are armed with what they need to release requirements that are realistic and can attract the talent they want.

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