Recent Events – Humane Society of Bergen County

bergen county humane society logoSince 1972, the Humane Society of Bergen County has worked hard to provide care and good homes to animals that come our way from kill-shelters or homes where they are no longer wanted, and lost and abandoned animals from uncaring owners. We seek loving owners for all the dogs, cats, birds, and critters that pass through HSBC and have a constant flow of adoptions throughout the year.

The HSBC receives NO funding from state, county, or local government. We survive entirely through donations. From towels to cat food, all donations are used and greatly appreciated by our animals.


Humane Society of Bergen County
221-223 Stuyvesant Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

The Mission

The Humane Society of Bergen Countywas in need of food donations and volunteers to providing animal care.

How We Made a Difference

Initially when we picked Humane Society of Bergen County, we called Kathy Johnson, the Director of the Humane society to find out what types of items, products, etc. were needed the most. Kathy suggested to us since they have many kittens, to buy canned food. Our team went to Shoprite and bought over $210 dollars in canned cat food. We decided to use the rest of the money as a donation to the Humane society so they can decide what to use it for in the future. During our time at the Humane Society, we cleaned up, vacuumed and took care of the area where they house all of their kittens, walked the dogs, organized their inventory and storage areas. We also took care of some minor maintenance tasks within the facility.


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