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Shelter our Sisters has, at any given time, 36 women and children housed at their facility. The staff provides nutritious meals daily; however special occasion meals are welcome and provide a much needed emotional boost.

Shelter Our Sisters
Hackensack, NJ

The Mission

At Shelter our Sisters, our mission was to make their home “homier” and to provide the women and their children with a nutritional meal, tasty dishes and some special treats for dessert.

How We Made a Difference

We met with the SOS team to get an idea of what the house really needed and what food and beverages were most desired. We started by buying curtains, throw pillows and blankets and floor lamps for their living area as well as table cloths and fresh flowers for the table. We decided to have a portion of our meal catered so we chose a variety of healthy dishes and shopped for a few extras. We made a big tossed salad, served with bread and had a variety of desserts as well as milk and juice.

When we arrived at SOS on the volunteer day, we hung the curtains, put together the lamps, put on the table cloths and arranged the flowers. It instantly became homier and was well received by the women and children. We had the hot food delivered and spent time preparing the salad and arranging the meal for dinner time. The decadent desserts would be served later that evening!

We all left there feeling really good about our choices and felt our mission was accomplished. We will continue to stay in touch with the wonderful staff at SOS and contribute to their on-going needs for everyday necessities that many of us take for granted in our daily lives.


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