Recent Events – St. Peter’s Orphanage

st-peters-logoSaint Peter’s Orphanage is a residential treatment facility for adolescent boys, whose parents, for a variety of reasons are unable to care for them. Our boys have mild to moderate emotional, behavioral or social problems. Although Saint Peters is a residential facility, we work very hard to assure our residents an atmosphere that is truly non-institutional, and more like a large family.

Saint Peter’s Orphanage
170 Diamond Spring Road
Denville, NJ 07834

The Mission

Saint Peter’s has a welcome sign on the main road that is the first thing visitors see when they approach the property. The HBM team would fund, plan and install landscaping around the sign to make it more visually pleasing.

How We Made a Difference

At St. Peters Orphanage, our team worked on improving the landscaping around the entrance sign of the orphanage. This included brainstorming amongst the group, heavy lifting of our supplies and getting our hands and knees a little dirty when we completed the project. We prepped for two weeks with several trips to Home Depot and the Christmas Tree Store for supplies and seasonal decorations. We purchased hay, scarecrows, top soil, flowers, daffodils and pumpkins for decoration.

We came in approximately $200 dollars under our $500 budget so we also bought comforters for the boys there as they were in need of new ones. We received a very generous thank you letter from the staff there and we hope we can assist them with future needs in 2014 and going forward!


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