Recent Events – Zoe’s Cupcake Cafe

zoesplacelogozoes cafe logoZoe’s Cupcake Café is an entrepreneurial effort to support the operational needs of Zoe’s Place and provide an opportunity for job skills training for the young women it serves.

Zoe’s Cupcake Café
740 Chestnut Avenue
Teaneck, NJ

The Mission

Zoe’s Cupcake Café was in need of a new commercial grade mixer (Kitchen Aid) and the tables in the café needed to be replaced.

How We Made a Difference

Our team scheduled a conference call with Jane Fiedler and Zoe’s Cupcake Cafe. The purpose of the call was to gather information on the type of mixer they needed. After our call; we scheduled an onsite visit to Zoe’s Café. We wanted to meet the owners and get a visual on their seating needs. After gathering all of the pertinent information, we purchased a new Kitchen Aid Mixer. One of the team members was incredibly lucky and found 12 free chairs that were being discarded by another business. The chairs were a perfect fit to the existing tables at the Café, so we took them and included it as part of our donation. Prior to the charity day, we organized a cupcake sale and generated $370 in funds. On the charity day, we distributed flyers to surrounding businesses near to Zoe’s Cupcake Cafe to generate awareness of the Cafe and its mission. We were subsequently informed by Zoe’s Cupcake Cafe that the flyers have generated a lot of interest.


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