Don’t Be Scared to Speak Up in the Office

Although speaking up in the office can feel scary, expressing your opinions can be very beneficial.

Consider these benefits:

Shows You’re Engaged
There is no better way to show you’re enthusiastic about your job and working hard than by talking about what you’re doing, sharing your thoughts and offering ideas. Leaders take notice of people who are active and engaged with what they are doing.

Helps Get You What You Want
Managers aren’t mind readers. If there is something you want, you need to speak up. Set up an appropriate time to talk with your manager, prepare your thoughts and then confidently present your case. You are your best advocate.

Resolves Issues
If you are having an issue, don’t sit in silence. Let your manager know so they can help you. It’s their job to work with you and help move obstacles out of your way so you can succeed.

Invites New Opportunities
You never know where your ideas and enthusiasm will take you. Maybe you will be asked to take on or lead a new project. Your idea could be your company’s next initiative.

Makes You the Voice of Reason
If something doesn’t look right to you, chances are it doesn’t look right to others as well. Voice your concerns and suggest ways to fix it. Be the leader and take control. Everyone will get on board and look to you to lead the way.

Inspires Others
Don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts and ideas. They could inspire your colleagues. Every idea starts a conversation and gets people thinking differently. Ignite inspiration.

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