How to Avoid Being “Ghosted” by Potential Hires

James “Ghost” St. Patrick, the main character in the tv show Power, has a point when dealing with situations you can’t control. However, when it comes to hiring this is the worst frame of mind to have.

If you’re a recruiter or hiring manager, you’ve probably gotten “ghosted” by candidates. They suddenly stop all communication with you. It’s extremely frustrating. Especially when you think you’ve found a great candidate.

This trend is happening more and more in the staffing industry. We’ve experienced it along with everyone else.

Here are some tips on how to avoid being  “ghosted” by potential hires:

Stay Engaged: Keep the potential hire up to date with the status of the role they are being considered for. If a candidate feels that they are not important, they will take the opportunity less seriously.

Follow Up: One of the most important things in any relationship is communication. You are building a relationship with every candidate you work with.  If you are not open and honest with them, they will not be with you. Call them. Check their availability has not changed and that their interest in the position is still there.

Check In: Even if you don’t have anything in the pipeline that matches your candidate’s background, reach out just to keep them warm. Ask how they are doing and how their job search is going. Even request an updated resume. Being committed builds trust and respect.

Keep It Real: Be honest with your candidate about the reality of the role they applied to and how their skills do or don’t align with the skills and experience required for the job. This kind of honesty will have the candidate looking to you for advice and coaching instead of avoiding your calls or emails when an opportunity does come up that would be the right fit.

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