How to Combat the Talent Shortage

Employers are struggling to fill jobs because the unemployment rate is so low. Hiring managers, human resources managers and recruiters are starting to take a more aggressive approach to filling their open jobs.

Here are 4 tips to help you hire more effectively:

  1. If your job ad is not working for you, think about changing the job description or being more flexible with the requirements.
  2. If you can’t find someone with the exact skillset you are looking for, hire someone with similar skills. A high performance candidate should have no problem mastering comparable skills.
  3. If you like a candidate, pull the trigger and make them an offer. The marketplace is moving fast and you want to grab the great “gets” before they go and work for one of your competitors.
  4. It takes time and costs money to recruit. The longer you leave a job open, the more expensive it becomes. If a job is taking more than 60 days to be filled, it is time to reconsider whether the role is a high priority to fill.


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