The Answer Is In The Clouds

If it feels like everyone has their head in the clouds lately, they do. Cloud and  IT Infrastructure jobs are the hottest positions in the marketplace.

Candidates are eager to work for companies that will expose them to new technology. They want to be on the forefront of emerging capabilities to learn new skills and stay current in the market. Companies that are technologically behind are not high on their list of places to work.

The banking industry is having a hard time competing with Silicon Valley giants and hot tech startups for top talent.  American Banker says one of the reasons financial institutions are struggling to fill jobs is because they think their name recognition is enough for candidates to want to work for them.

However, candidates are more interested in working for tech savvy and innovative companies rather than brand names.

Here are four tips to help financial firms attract top tech talent:

  • Don’t just advertise your job openings, advertise your business challenges and your need to hire people with sharp tech minds to come up with smart solutions. Top candidates are solution driven and will be more interested in this type of description than a standard job post.
  • Highlight your company’s IT infrastructure. If you don’t have the most current technology, offer seminars, classes etc. that will expose candidates to it.
  • Look within your company to groom and cultivate your own tech talent.
  • Embrace data and create more IT roles.
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